Lisa Eldridge Lipsticks: my collection

I’m doing a sort of experiment. Well, at least it is for me. I’m writing my first English blog post. I’m challenging myself ‘cause in the next few months I’m plannning to improve my English. So, for the occasion I’ve decided to dedicate this post to my favourite English makeup artist and her lipsticks: Lisa Eldridge.

She’s my inspiration for her communication style which is so sweet and gentle, and just listening to her voice is relaxing. She represents my ideal of beauty and makeup, and her works are so iconic.

“For Lisa, make up is more than mere glittering surfaces, it is an important signifier of the importance of both creativity and humanity.”

I’ve been following her Youtube channel since 2012, and I think that this quote represents why I’m so passionate about everything she does, from her video to her book and lipsticks.

Lisa Eldridge Lipsticks

My Lisa lipstick and gloss collection

When Lisa launched the first three lipsticks of the Velvet line, there was nothing like them on the makeup market. Lisa chose to start from a color adored and worn by every single woman in the world: red. And she broke her reds into 3 different shades, dedicated to 3 feminine types: Velvet Ribbon, Velvet Jazz and Velvet Morning.

I have Velvet Ribbon and Velvet Jazz. The first one is the universally flattering red. The one that you wear for any occasion: whether it be a morning breakfast or a special evening out, either with a Parisian makeup look or a more sophisticated touch.

Velvet Jazz is a warmer and deeper red, inspired by the red lipsticks of th 1930’s. To me this colour is chic with a touch of personality. It’s sophisticated, elegant and fierce at the same time.

Velvet Myth is the deeper shade that I have in my collection. It’s a vibrant medium-dark plum with some hints of red and blue (I mixed the Temptalia description with that from Lisa’s website). It’s an autumn shade that can be sheered out, almost like a tinge, to have a much softer payoff for an everyday makeup look.

Velvet Ribbon and Velvet Jazz

Then I bought Velvet Blush and Velvet Muse. To me they have the same vibes, and they match perfectly with my cool summer colours. Velvet Blush is a deep pink berry with muted cool undertones, and looks elegant and feminine. Velvet Muse is a unique colour that combines pink brown with dirty rose undertones. It might seem a bit dull at first but once on your lips it makes you feel sofisticated and fresh at the same time. I recently also bought the Gloss Embrace version of this colour, and it’s magic on the lips. The formula is so comfortable and, not sticky at all. It replenishes and smooths the lips with its oils and butters. A real luxe on the lips.

Velvet Beauty is maybe my favourite of all the lipsticks I have. It’s a vibrant shade of pink. And whenever I put it on I feel suddenly luminous and stunning.

Velvet Petal is the last one I bought from the line, and it’s part of her latest collection. The mood is the same as Velvet Beauty, it’s a warm pink and “it flutters more on the side of a perfectly sophisticated and chic essential“.

Velvet Blush Velvet Beauty and Velvet Muse

The last but not least of Lisa’s lipsticks I own are from the Luxurious Lucent line. This formula is very different from the Velvet line, it’s creamy, moisturising and easy to wear. And the colours I opted for are Spirited Away and Paiterly. Spirited away on my lips is a my-lips-but-better kind of shade, “a very modern rosewood”, almost a red with a warm undertone. It is absolutely one of my favourite shades to wear because it makes me feel so classy.

Painterly has the same vibes as Spirited Away, but it’s a “a deep mauvey-chocolate hue with a blue undertone.” Compared to the previous lipsticks it is the one that I wear the least, even though I really should, especially in the autumn-winter months given the deep shade.

What will I buy?

I have a lot of other lipsticks shades on my wishlist, and I know that I will soon update this post!

I’d like to add to my collection Velvet Cinnabar, Blush Lightly and Fawn, together with Kitten Mischief and Rose Official.

Lisa has also launched some liquid blushes and hilighters, but they’re not my kind of products. Speaking of blushes, I prefer powders to liquids, and I already own a lot of blushes and highlighters that I want to make use of.

But Lisa is lauching her first foundation and we’re all waiting for it!

Do you own any Lisa Eldridge Lipsticks? What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear from you!

See you soon… bye!


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